Buying a Home

Having sold homes from under $100,000 to over $3 million I have the capability, knowledge and expertise to market homes in every price range. I understand today’s market and will spend the time, energy and effort to sell your home for top dollar. I will negotiate the best price and terms for your property. Be mindful that both previous sales and current competition factor in when selling your home. My strategy is and always has been fairness, regardless of the market. The MLS is the number one way to sell your home. There is no cut and dry exact price for a property, there is always a range! Remember the list price is always to be set by the Client. There is a range for what your home is worth and in my opinion its around 2% of fair market value. By this I mean that a home worth $500,000 might be worth $510,000 to the buyer that need a quick possession but only $490,000 to the investor.